Tokyo's famous "power spot": Secrets Tree (zelkova tree)

There is a 700 year-old huge enigmatic zelkova tree in a premise of Nitta shrine. The tree survived through numerous unbelievable events. In the Edo period, when thunder hit the tree, the tree stayed standing, and during the Tokyo air raid, the wide area around Nitta Shrine was burnt down and the Zelkova tree was the only thing that remained. It is said that if you touch the tree, you will receive good luck in health, longevity and youthfulness.

”Yamori” , the first “Hamaya” (sacred arrow) of it’s kind

There is a mystery about the bamboo trees planted behind the shrine pavilion. It is said that when it thunders, the bamboo trees split up with the breaking sound. In the Edo period, Hiraga Gennai who invented an elekiteru (electrostatic generator), made a "Yamori" with that bamboo that would invite good fortune and ward off evil spirits. This "Yamori" is the first "Hamaya" (sacred arrow) of the kind that is offered at shrines throughout Japan.

In order to commemorate this, the art piece "Yamori," produced by Mr. Asaha Katsumi, a famous Japanese graphic designer is showcased in front of the shine.